Monday, October 20, 2008

The Shopping Spree Continues

So more of my old Magic cards and D&D minis are on their way to Florida for another $200 in store credit. I get to continue building my board game empire from the bones of my old hobby. The only difficult part is figuring out what to order. This reminds me of when I bought my first PC. There was an entire library of games already out there and I was able to wade directly into it and start buying. The important distinction here is that I don't have to worry about compatibility and hardware requirements. The only problem is finding things that are out of print, and with so many great games available it's hardly an issue. Sure, I'd like to find a copy of Betrayal at Hill House for less than $80, but hey.

Another batch is in the queue to be shipped here. This is probably the last I can milk out of my collection via CoolStuffInc, but their buy list is always changing, so who knows? Currently in the pipeline are:

-This is a game about building post office routes across Bavaria and trying to be efficient about it. Hearing the theme and seeing the pictures made me really excited to try this. It was one of those moments where it struck me what a huge nerd I am. I'm pumped about this one.

- One player plays the role of Dracula and the other(s) take the role of vampire hunters trying to catch him. Dracula's movements are hidden and the others have to track him down and kill him. Dracula tries to set up traps and misinformation in the various locations across Europe. Sounds like a winner.

War of the Ring

- One player controls the Free Peoples of Middle Earth and the other controls the Shadow Armies in a tactical simulation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The good guys try to sneak the ring-bearer into Mordor while the bad guys try to find him and off him. It's a large, beautiful, expensive game and I'd like to get it while it won't cost me actual money.

- I like cooperative games, and this is supposed to be a great one. The players take on various researcher and scientist roles and work together to try to prevent disease outbreaks around the globe. It's on back order, so I'll have to wait, which I'm very good at.

- The board is pretty and the game is chock full of little wooden bits. That's really all it takes.

- Very beautiful board game about rebuilding a destroyed city. Developed by Reiner Knizia with art by Franz Vohwinkel, Scott Fischer and many other artists I'm familiar with from my Magic the Gathering days.

- Simple and fun. Already played this, just need to own a copy.

Wife and I have been gaming just about every night. It's nice to turn off the TV and get away from the PC for a bit to go sit at the game table in the front room. We've been playing San Juan, Ticket to Ride, Citadels and Agricola mostly, and we're always mixing it up.


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