Thursday, August 21, 2008

The World Ends and it Somehow Involves You

So I've spent a little over an hour with The World Ends With You, and I'm intrigued so far. The combat is unique, if a little chaotic. Battles take place in real time, and you control protagonist Neku with the stylus while controlling his partner on the top screen with the D-pad. I haven't died yet, but my efforts get ranked with an "E" more than anything. I expect when I face a boss, I may get my digital ass kicked.

Battles in TWEWY are a handful.

The music is interesting so far, but nothing special. I've always shied away from anime-ish things until Persona 3 captured my attention, and I suppose it's unfair to expect that sort of magic from another game. The jury's still out on TWEWY for me.

In other news, today was my first day back at work after a week off for Gen Con. I'm close to sawing my own head off.


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